Learn How To Lower Your CPC, CPL And CPA By 25-75% Using Cookie-less Identity Resolution

Meet “Prospect ID”, Your Identity Resolution Pixel

Prospect ID identifies over 90% of website visitors and matches the data to their profile in real-time, no matter the device or browser they use, without using personal identifying information (PII).

This helps you improve the relevance of your messaging to your best leads who are actively researching online and pursuing a purchase right now while staying privacy-compliant!

If you count on third-party cookie data to identify and target your perfect prospects, you’re making the most expensive business mistake.

Browser crack-down on cross-site tracking via third-party cookies means you can no longer create hyper-personalized experiences across all customer touchpoints.


How Moonraker
Skyrockets Campaign ROI

Create one-to-one marketing experience

Match customer data to build a single customer profile that aids the creation of personalized marketing experience across channels.

Identity Resolution isn’t just a trending hot topic in the industry, it is a strategic imperative and fundamental enabler for customer experience.

~ Forrester Report

Artificial Intelligence, deep learning, machine learning —whatever you’re doing if you don’t understand it — learn it. Otherwise, you’re going to be a dinosaur in 3 years.

~ Mark Cuban

Maintain accurate customer data,
gain a competitive advantage

Our first-party data offering means you no longer have to grapple with the ability to curate and keep accurate customer data over a period of time. That would set you apart from 71% of marketers who are UNABLE to gather customer data across devices, build a single customer profile and create relevant targeted messaging.

The result…

Increased brand reach - target only your most viable prospects
Enhanced customer experience - meet the growing demand for personalized marketing
Effective omnichannel marketing - engage your customers everywhere they are, online or offline
Increase ad conversion rate - use data to help your prospects complete the buyer’s journey faster
Be more competitive and profitable - lower your CPC, CPL & CPA by 25-75%

You’re one line of code away from more profits

Yes, with Prospect ID, one line of code below your website’s header allows you to retain a permanent and portable record of your website visitors in a way that is privacy-protected (No PII).

Simply take control of your first-party data to gain a deeper understanding of your customers.

Now, that’s leverage!

Our Protocol helps you seamlessly implement and automate Identity Resolution, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence without disrupting your existing marketing stack or learning another complicated software system.

Personalization is not a trend, it’s a marketing tsunami.

~ Avi Dan

What AI and machine learning allows you to do is find the needle in the haystack.

~ Bob Work

Our Pixel Advantage

Liberate Your Audience

Identify and extend your audience using multi-layer identity resolution and then deliver those audiences to otherwise siloed marketing channels (online or offline).

Improve Marketing Efficiency

Improve Marketing Efficiency by optimizing your audiences so you can reduce the cost of clicks, leads, and customer acquisition while reducing fraudulent media impressions and duplication.

Easy to Implement

Our Discovery Tag enables data capture of all website activity and media engagement without any client configuration required.

Extensive Support

Our team is here to help you succeed, by acting as an extension of your marketing department. Providing strategic planning and guidance throughout the process.

What You Will Get…

Cookie-less identity resolution
Identify over 90% of your website visitors (worldwide)
Retain a permanent and portable record of your website visitors
Know who is in the Buyer’s Journey for your products/services and which stage they are in
Automatically segment your most engaged prospects
Multi-Channel Attribution using a single dashboard
100% Privacy Compliant Worldwide

What You Can Do…

Lower CPC, CPL & CPA by 25-75%
Increase brand awareness profit-efficiently
Increase the number of leads from AI-driven campaigns by up to 100%
Enhance customer experience by knowing who and what stage of the buyer’s journey they are in.
Retarget through the entire buyer’s journey online or offline
Retarget highly engaged prospects with relevant content on multiple channels and devices simultaneo
Create lookalike audiences based on ONLY your best prospects
Save 25-75% on ad-spend while extending your reach of ideal prospects by up to 50%
Identify new markets you never knew existed
Prove ROI, Multi or Omni-Channel attribution on one dashboard (online or offline)

**Bonus: Upload your client list and know when previous customers are highly engaged on your website and back in the market. Then reach out personally to nurture the sale.

Leverage technology to build personal relationships in business, only with Lionai Insight!


Stacking top identity resolution providers so you can identify over 90% of your website visitors worldwide and turn them into a permanent and portable record that you own… forever.

So you can engage and nurture your prospects today or a year from now!  Especially important if you have a long sales cycle.


Automatically score and segment your prospects based on their level of engagement.

So, you can hyper-target your prospects who are researching online and pursuing a purchase


Discover more of your top prospects by asking for lookalike audiences based ONLY on your best prospects, not every person that visits your website. (Machine Learning at its Best).

Uniquely leverage FB & Google’s algorithms to identify and advertise only to the prospects who are actively researching and pursuing a purchase of what you sell.


Prove ROI by analyzing your prospect’s engagement on your website, content, and ads using one dashboard. So you can identify what’s working and what’s not, then optimize your campaigns!


Engage your top prospects with relevant content on multiple channels or omnichannel across all devices simultaneously.

So you can give your customers an unforgettable experience they will want to share with their friends.


Although we are disrupting the industry, we do not disrupt your marketing stack. No new skills or complicated software programs to learn.

Have certainty and build your Marketing Team’s confidence so they will go “All In”!

Your “Kryptonite” is Time!

The Tech Revolution is here! Implement and automate Identity Resolution, Machine Learning, and AI into your business TODAY. The longer you wait, the weaker you will become.

About Us

Lionai Insight Consulting, is a technology consulting company based in Chattanooga, TN. We specialize in helping Marketing and Business Development Leaders identify who is on your website and in the buyer’s journey for the products or services you sell in a way that is 100% privacy compliant worldwide.

Beliefs: We believe in using technology to bring back the personal relationship in business.

Mission: To use tomorrow’s technology to enable our clients (mid-large companies) to have a one-on-one relationship with their potential and current customers. Allowing them to be more profit-efficient in Client Acquisition, Client Retention, and Lifetime-Customer-Value.

Passion: Helping people and businesses grow stronger and more profitable!

Consumer data will be the biggest differentiator in the next two to three years. Whoever unlocks the reams of data and uses it strategically will win.

~ ANGELA AHRENDTS, Senior VP of Retail, Apple

Big Data will spell the death of customer segmentation and force the marketer to understand each customer as an individual within 18 months or be left in the dust.


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