Increasing Your Digital Marketing Yield
By 20% or More Within 30 Days

LionAI's Ad-Tech is designed exclusively for in-house marketing leaders with
high volume digital campaigns.
Reducing your workload and stress, while maximizing your effectiveness.
Less Work. More Profit.

Intent Based Audience Segmentation & Marketing Automation
In Real-Time

Segment your anonymous traffic (first party data) from cold to hot based on their level of engagement, behavioral intent, and likeliness to convert while excluding ad fraud and traffic that is unlikely to convert.  100% Privacy compliant worldwide.

When You Combine Intent Based Audience Segmentation and Marketing Automation in Real-Time, You Can...

Significantly Increase ROAS
Create Highly Targeted Messaging Based on Buyer's Stage
Increase Brand Reach Profit-Efficiently
Increase Market Share
Give your Marketing Team Confidence and Certainty
LionAI's Ad-Tech Protocol

Our clients see an average of 20-30% increase in digital marketing yield within 60 days.
Simply add LionAI to your existing campaigns today!

Increase ROAS

  • We give you the Marketing Strategy and Ad-Tech to thrive in today's competitive environment
  • Profit-Efficiently be in front of your "in-the-market" audience wherever they spend time online
  • Stop paying for Ad-Fraud and traffic that is unlikely to convert
  • Ad-tech that pays for itself

Adoption is a Simple

  • Simple onboarding and virtually no learning curve
  • Does not disrupt your current or future marketing stack
  • Scale your existing campaigns to new and improved levels
  • Fully integrated and automated
  • Month-to-month contract available

How LionAI Works
(In Real-Time)

  • Uses machine learning to score anonymous traffic by conversion potential
  • Automatically segment visitors by funnel stage and purchase intent level
  • Integrates directly with your digital campaigns to build better performing audiences. All in Real-Time

Privacy Compliant Wordwide
(Privacy-First is the only way forward)

  • Cookie-less
  • No PII used or stored
  • No IP addresses
  • No device ID
  • CCPA, GDPR, and CPRA privacy compliant


AI-Audiences for Digital Marketing Leaders

LionAI's ad-tech protocol analyses your anonymous web traffic, differentiating bots from individuals while maintaining privacy (no PII used or stored).  Audience segments are analyzed, scored, and linked back to your campaign platform... All in real-time.

Each person's level of engagement, behavioral intent, and potential to convert are all quantified in your audience segmentation.

AI-Audience Segmentation

Exclude Bot/Ad Fraud Traffic

LionIA uses several layers of fraud detection to assist you in removing visitors who are of no benefit, such as bots or fraudulent visitors. This is one of LionAI's most powerful segments because it allows you to exclude meaningless paid traffic to your campaigns. Protecting your ad-budget!


Visitors in this audience segment have likely just become aware of your product or service. These visitors have been detected as human, however, they have not generated enough indicators to be scored by LionAI's algorithm.


Protocol detects that this visitor is aware of your brand, products/services, and have visited your site to review content. These visitors have demonstrated indicators and behaviors that suggest they have the potential and the ability to convert.


Visitors in this segment are well-versed in your brand/product and are searching for information on your site, as well as researching your services on other sites and evaluating competitors.


Visitors are demonstrating strong buying intentions both on and off your site. These visitors have likely frequented your site, have a high potential, and have exhibited a strong desire for your product/service.


Ad-Tech Designed For Your Brand

What You Will Get…

Real-time audience segmentation base on engagement and behavior
Marketing Automation (across all major platforms & programmatic)
Identify who is in what stage of your funnel without PII
Protect your ad-budget from bot fraud and duplication
100% privacy compliant worldwide
And so much more!

What You Can Do…

Significantly increase ROAS by reducing your cost per click, lead, and customer acquisition
Increase brand awareness profit-efficiently
Increase conversion rate
Leverage your SEO traffic to lower your PPC
Cut wasted ad-spend so you can efficiently scale faster and reach your next level
Enhance customer experience with personalized messaging
Automatically integrate custom & lookalike audiences based your "pure-seed" audience in real-time
Automatically remarket highly engaged prospects with relevant content on multiple channels and devices simultaneously

Your result…  Less Work.  More Profit.

"What AI and machine learning allows you to do is find the needle in the haystack."

~ Bob Work

Get Started

Getting Started Is Easy!

Schedule a demo/strategy call.  Then, lift your digital advertising yield almost immediately by putting LionAI's ad-tech to the test (without disrupting your current or future marketing stack).

Simply install LionAI's Tag to an existing campaign with a minimum of 100k sessions/mo.

Warning:  Studies have shown that increasing your ROAS this easily may be addictive!  Resulting in the increase of customer experience while significantly reducing your cost per click, lead, and customer acquisition online.

"Personalization is not a trend, it’s a marketing tsunami."

~ Avi Dan

About Us

LionAI is a privacy-first ad-tech company that was born to help socially conscious brands stop over-paying expensive ad-platforms and take ownership of your audience.  Creating a better customer experience while significantly lowering your cost per click, lead, and customer acquisition online.

Belief: We believe in helping brands significantly increase ROAS and profitability by cutting wasted ad-spend and strategically advertising to people who are in-the-market right now.

Passion: We are passionate about helping people!  That is why we focus on industries that enrich lives such as Education, Finance, E-Commerce, SaaS, Health & Wellness, Lead-Gen and others. 

Mission: To use tomorrow’s technology to enable your brand to cut advertising waste and efficiently have a one-on-one relationship with your current and potential customers wherever they spend time online.

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Let’s start with a phone call to see if we’re the right fit for each other

Let’s start with a phone call to see if we’re the right fit for each other

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